A Guide To Good Plasterers

CCR Tompkins Plastering Services – Master Plasterers in High Wycombe, Oxford and London.

CCR Tompkins - Master Plasterers in High Wycombe, Oxford and LondonPlastering is one of the most difficult DIY tasks you could possibly try to undertake when making improvements to your home.

Making a mess of your plastering can be expensive and time-consuming to rectify and if you truly don’t know what you are doing – you can create a whole host of problems for yourself down the line

All good, professional plasterers have years of practice and professional training under their belts although you do not have to be qualified to be a plasterer – and there are plenty of cowboys out there too.

Good Plasterer Guide

So when it comes to picking the right plasterer – here are some of the essential things you should look out for :

  • Look at pictures of previous examples of their work – does it look neat and well presented, as well as flat and almost mirror like ?
  • Client Testimonials – no-one can sell a company better than someone who has experienced the service.
  • The types of clients a company has provided services for.
  • Look to see if they have relevant qualifications like NVQ’s and relevant CSCS certification for site work.
  • Generally, the best professional plastering firms offer a broad range of plastering services.
  • A good plasterer knows the right types of plaster to use for each job.

CCR Tompkins Plastering Services Ticks All The Right Boxes

With a combined 21 years’ experience, the team at CCR Tompkins Plastering Services has all the required skills, qualifications and experience to help you get the best plastering job done for the best prices.

To find out how they can help you contact Chad and his team now for your FREE, No obligation Quote

Find out more about CCR TompkinsPlastering Services.

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