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Having damp walls in your property can cause serious health problems. Calling in dampwork experts like CCR Tompkins Plastering Services to remove and replace any damp plaster is an absolute must if you have damp walls.

When is it needed ?

Having damp walls can lead to serious structural and health problems if they are not resolved NOW – not later. If you have damp walls you need to contact an expert as soon as possible.

What is involved ?

Common causes of damp walls can be condensation, which is easier to identify and remedy – or one of the two main types of damp.

There are two main types of damp - rising damp - caused by the damp proof course beneath your ground floor failing or penetrative damp - caused by cracks in exterior walls – allowing water through.

In these cases, having the external walls properly waterproofed by external rendering or pebbled-ashing can help stop the damp occurring.

Once this is sorted, the damp plaster needs to be replaced. The main reason is that damp plaster becomes affected by the minerals in the water that corrodes the plaster, weakening it.

If you have damp walls and need a specialist in dampwork in High Wycombe, London, Oxford or any of the surrounding areas, then call the team at CCR Tomkins Plastering Services or email now.

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