Overboarding Ceilings

CCR Tompkins Plastering Services – Overboarding Ceilings For a Quality Finish.

If you need your ceiling re-plastering – CCR Tompkins Plastering Services can help you come up with the best solution to save your whole ceiling caving in on you.

When is it needed ?

When your ceiling develops cracks, or if you want a false ceiling fitted, it is often easy to be tempted to cut corners and there are many occasions where overboarding your ceiling could bring the whole lot tumbling down.

What is involved ?

CCRT Tompkins Plastering Services will assess the situation and use their expertise to professionally fit ceiling overboards where necessary, once the old plaster has been looked at.

With years of experience on new build and old properties, they understand which are the best materials for each job – giving you satisfaction and piece of mind.

For more information on their overboarding ceilings services call now, or email the team.


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