CCR Tompkins Plastering Services – Peddledashing in High Wycombe, London and Oxford.

Pebbledashing exterior walls is a method of adding extra protection from the elements to ensure that your structure is given added strength.

When is it needed ?

Pebbledashing is a great option for protecting your property from all extreme weather conditions. Pebbledashing a property can also help keep the heat in and whilst it won’t last forever, it is long-lasting and cost effective.

What is involved ?

Pebbledashing involves stripping the exterior wall back to the brickwork if there is any existing render on there, and then the brickwork is cleaned down, removing any dirt or dust.

An undercoat, consisting of a polymer and waterproofing is applied and then a top coat usually a mix of cement, mixed with sand and pebbles is added to create the final protection.

CCR Tompkins Plastering Services will assess each property and use the finest materials to suit the property to give a pebbledashed finish that will look pleasing on the eye.

If you would are looking for pebbledashing services in High Wycombe, London or Oxford, then contact Chad and the team by phone, or by email.


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